RW Lynch Personal Injury LeadsEver wonder “How did that guy find that case?” With over 27 years in the business, RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® has been making our clients the envy of their peers for decades. But don’t take our word for it – listen to our subscribers:

“I was an insurance defense attorney and one day I had a terrible case… a 15 year old girl was thrown (from a car) and killed. I went out on behalf of the defendants and the family came in represented by a very young attorney – barely shaving – who seemed to know little about the practice of law but had a good case and a good client. I remember driving back… asking myself, boy why don’t I pick up cases like that? A day or two later the phone rang and the person said “I’m an RW Lynch Injury HelpLine® representative..” and I said “stop, not again, you call me every year, you ask if I’d be interested in your service. I’m not.” The rep said “you should call attorney X who just settled a wrongful death case.” “Really?” I responded. It was the young attorney who was adverse to me in that case… and the light bulb went on. I opened my own firm in 2007.. with 3 lawyers and a staff of 12 in 2 offices and I could not have had that kind of intense growth without working the RW Lynch system. The cases start popping like popcorn. There is no question in my mind that the Injury HelpLine® has been the most significant source in building my practice.”

More Injury Calls leads to More Injury Cases

RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® has delivered over 2 and a half million injury leads to our subscribers through our Total Marketing Solution. Our robust network of websites – the most visited injury legal representation sites in the country – coupled with nationwide TV advertising and innovative mobile phone marketing put our subscribers business where consumers look today. That presence pays off big for our subscribers – in superior calls and more cases:

“Within like a week of starting the system we had 2 or 3 cases already signed up and I’d say we’re averaging between a 20-40% clip of sign ups to calls which is, as anybody has practiced in this field for more than 10 minutes knows, an amazing turnover number. If you do Yellow Pages, if you do newspapers, you might get between 5-10% and the rest is just chaff, it’s a total waste of time. You don’t have that with RW Lynch.”

To learn more about RW Lynch, or to inquire about InjuryHelpLine® subscription opportunities for your practice, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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