RW Lynch ConvertLeadsEvery day, people throughout the country need personal injury legal services. In every market, there are numerous choices for the legal consumer. And competition amongst attorneys vying for personal injury cases is only getting tougher as more lawyers graduate law school and open their own practices. So how can you not only generate personal injury leads but convert them into clients?

Personal Injury Lead Generation

The first step in converting more leads is understanding your lead generation process. What kinds of marketing and advertising activities are used by your firm to generate leads?

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), television commercials, event sponsorship, workshops, etc. – with all of the marketing and advertising choices today, there are many ways to generate personal injury leads for your firm. The most important aspects to note are:

1) Try to build and maintain a diverse marketing and advertising approach to mitigate risk; and

2) Focus on how to generate more personal injury leads AND increase your lead conversion rate to retain more clients.

Most attorneys will agree that the personal injury industry is a numbers game. On average, most attorneys convert roughly 10% of the leads they generate from marketing and advertising. Many leads that are generated may not have a case for reasons such as statute of limitations or liability problems, or other issues that prevent you from pursuing the case. So what separates the attorneys that are able to convert 20% or more of the qualified personal injury leads they generate? How are they able to sign more cases? What’s the trick?

The following seemingly easy, but important steps are what separate the rainmakers from the rest of the pack:

Respond Quickly to Personal Injury Leads

Generating a personal injury lead is just the first step. Responding to those leads quickly and efficiently is the most important – and often overlooked – step in converting more leads. We receive stories from our clients weekly about losing great potential cases because they missed a call from a prospect (sometimes by no more than five minutes). The increased competition means prospects are often calling several attorneys and the first one to respond has the best chance of retaining that case.

Make sure your firm has a fool-proof system in place that ensures every call is responded to immediately, preferably when the call comes in live. Be sure your phone lines can support multiple calls. Have multiple ways of being contacted; not only by phone but also by email and web forms. Offer easy after-hours access such as live chat or an after-hours answering service. Do anything and everything you can to be available to potential clients and minimize the wait time when they reach out during odd hours, weekends and holidays.

Build Rapport with Personal Injury Claimants

Lack of customer service, will impact your ability to sign more cases. It may seem obvious, but many overlook this important step. We could be having a bad day or we may be frustrated at the caller’s inability to articulate his/her needs. However, we have to remember that EVERY call has the potential to be a great case. You will convert more cases if you:

Listen: Ask the right questions. Rainmakers will tell you that a good percentage of their cases come from leads who’ve been to other attorneys and were turned down. Give each caller your full attention so that you can uncover any nuggets other attorneys may have missed.

Empathize: Take the time to care, explain the process and reassure your clients. Even if it doesn’t turn into a potential case, the impression you will leave with the client will ensure that when the client does have a case (or if a friend or family member is in need) they will refer you the case.

Follow Up with Personal Injury Claimants

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow up. Just because the client didn’t retain you on the first call or meeting doesn’t mean their problem ceased to exist. Sometimes the client is not ready; sometimes there are other circumstances at play. However, if you aren’t following up with the client they will likely start their search over when they are ready and you will not retain the client.

Develop a regular communication program with not just clients but prospects as well. A monthly article/newsletter/email that keeps people informed is a great way to not only add value for your contacts, but also keep your firm top of mind when a legal issue arises.

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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