In this particular scenario, one client turned into three for our Network Attorney.

Our RW Lynch Network Member Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina is thrilled to assist the new clients he signed. All three cases originated from one call which was forwarded to him through the Injury HelpLine.


The Injury HelpLine caller who initially reached out was driving home after a long day of work when another car slammed into his vehicle. He was severely injured and is extremely lucky to be alive.

The caller suffered a head injury that resulted in a detached retina, an injury that will leave him handicapped in many ways that he will have to adapt to in his daily life, which left him blind in 1 eye.


The driver wasn’t the only person in the vehicle at the time of the crash. 2 other passengers were present and suffered injuries as well. These two carpoolers will also need a settlement to help them afford treatment, assist with the cost associated with rehabilitation, and be compensated for their time away from work.


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Our attorney spoke with the driver and, after hearing he was not alone in the vehicle, contacted the carpoolers who were present at the time of the accident to see if he could help them out.

Our Network Attorney signed all 3 injury victims and is pleased to be able to help each one of them on their road to recovery.

When you sign up as a Network Member Attorney with RW Lynch you receive your own geographical region. What does this mean? Exclusive calls from injury victims that reside by your personal injury firm are sent to you and only you. We operate nationwide and have been a trusted source for injury victims throughout America since 1984.

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