One of our RW Lynch Network Attorneys signed 5 Injury Helpline® cases in one week. Below is a story from one of these cases.

In this particular case, our Network Attorney was contacted by a woman recently diagnosed with cancer.


The client called Injury Helpline® and explained to our Network Attorney that she had been complaining of back and neck pain to her doctor for a few months. Even when the pain grew progressively worse, for some reason the doctor never decided to run any tests.  Eventually, not only did the pain become unbearable, she actually became paralyzed in all of her limbs. Upon paralysis, the woman was immediately taken to the E.R. where medical staff performed an M.R.I. and identified 2 large tumors in the cervical region of her spinal column.



The surgery that she now has to undergo in order to remove the tumors from her spine is an extremely high-risk procedure with a high possibility of death.  If she survives, she will be permanently paralyzed and have to undergo very aggressive chemotherapy in order to stop further spreading of cancer throughout her body.

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Had her original doctor performed an MRI months earlier the tumors would have been small enough that she would have little to no paralysis and the surgery risk would be much lower than what she now has to endure.  Because of this failure to diagnose, and the potentially fatal circumstance, our Network Attorney is happy to take this case and help the family.


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