RW Lynch Long term MarketingWhen budgeting for an effective marketing campaign, it is imperative that you approach it with a long-term mindset. A consumer’s buying habits continuously fluctuates and in order to maximize your return on investment, you need to allow your marketing campaign to work for you for an extended period of time. Advertising in any way (television, print, online or with a marketing company) for a month here or a month there will not give you a realistic measurement on how well the campaign is or will work for you.

As a personal injury attorney, this is especially true. Any advertising professional will tell you that effective advertising is about reach, frequency and optimization. Ultimately advertising needs frequency because you never know when a consumer may need your services. Herbert Krugman, who commissioned a significant study on this subject, said this, “Advertising needs frequency because like a product sitting on a shelf, you never know when the consumer is going to be looking for you, so you have to rent the shelf space all the time.”

Accidents happen at random, anytime and all the time. The number and frequency can be affected by weather, local events, holidays, etc. In fact, any number of factors can affect the number of inquiries you may receive. Some months may result in large numbers of inquiries, while some may result in fewer. By advertising in short-term commitments, you are leaving your marketing up to luck and chance. Advertising needs a long-term mindset in order to realize the best returns on your investment. This is especially true for personal injury advertising as the majority of cases you receive today may not result in fees for several months or in some cases several years. Stop and start advertising will only leave your firm with an inconsistent caseload.

There a lot of advertising companies today that may offer short-term commitments to appease wary attorneys concerned about spending their precious marketing dollars. However, these short commitments only perpetuate the problem. The biggest competitors in your market will tell you that their advertising dollars are committed to give them the widest reach and most frequency that budget allows. This strategy is what keeps them competitive on an ongoing basis.

Advertising is an effective way to generate new cases for your firm and should absolutely be a big part of your firm’s marketing mix. However, do not enter into a new campaign lightly. Determine what your budget allows, not for a month to “try it out” but for an extended period of time to truly evaluate it’s effectiveness. Do approach your advertising campaign with a long-term mindset to ensure your firm the best chance for success. To reiterate Krugman’s important advice, make sure “your product is on the shelf all the time.” This is the only way to ensure your firm will have a sustainable source for generating new revenue.

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