RW Lynch Word of MouthRW Lynch understands the importance of word of mouth advertising and works hard to assist clients in maximizing that tool.

Common wisdom has long held that the best form of advertising is good-old-fashioned word of mouth. And the truth is, common wisdom is right on this one. A recent ABA study entitled Perspectives on Finding Legal Services clearly showed that, even in our modern world, word of mouth is the primary source most people rely on to find an attorney. 46% of respondents said they would ask a friend and 34% said they would contact a lawyer they had used in the past – that’s a whopping 80% of all respondents! This trend was even stronger for younger respondents and for those with higher income levels.

You may well ask: Why would we tell you this? There are two important reasons.

  1. At the Injury HelpLine® we have always known that word of mouth is the strongest advertising, yet despite that fact over 3 million people have come to us to find personal injury legal representation. If these people had a friend to ask, or knew a lawyer, we might not be their first choice. Yet over the years 3 million people have come to us first, and each one of those people provides a window into a whole network of people who simply don’t know a lawyer. The potential inside each of these leads is much larger than the lead itself – it’s the opportunity to become the lawyer of choice for a whole network.
  2. Over 15 years ago, RW Lynch realized the power in these untapped networks and began to offer ongoing marketing tools and training to our subscribers. In fact, in 1997 we literally wrote the book (Guerrilla Marketing Attack for Attorneys) on expanding your client base through second and third generation cases! Today, the RW Lynch program includes ongoing email and direct mail marketing tools, lead database management, and more, along with the personal attention of your Account Executive who ensures that your firm gets the most from every contact.

“I have been working with a firm in North Carolina to help them utilize our ongoing email marketing tools. I worked with one of the Paralegals and we wound up sending a text only email blast to just about 60 people that the Injury HelpLine® had forwarded to them over the past few months. She sent the email at 5pm before she left for the day, but when she and the attorneys arrived in the morning they had 6 replies with legal questions! Within just one week of those inquiries, they had signed 3 new cases!”

A Broad-based Marketing Solution to Grow Your Firm

RW Lynch’s Total Marketing Solution combines the best in advertising – leading national internet, mobile and television exposure – with the best tools to facilitate your ongoing marketing and referral building. It’s a one-two punch that can really kick your firm’s growth into high gear!

“One of the biggest cases we have is a premises liability security issue where our client was unfortunately slashed by a box cutter and received hundreds of stitches and permanent injuries. That case will probably go to trial in a year or two, but even though we haven’t seen our return on investment on that particular file, that one client has now referred 10 additional clients to our office! But for RW Lynch getting those people introduced to me – because it’s a demographic that I would have never been able to get into – I never would have had those second generation referrals and that to me was a huge bonus.”

To learn more about RW Lynch, or to inquire about InjuryHelpLine® subscription opportunities for your practice, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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