RW Lynch Revelations About Legal MarketingWe at RW Lynch believe that lawyers who understand fundamental truths about legal marketing will succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  They will deliver brilliant service and develop a feedback loop that grows firms and ultimately helps make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of hype about legal marketing practices and processes.

Many marketing solutions are sold “out of the can” and promise you overnight results.  Flash in the pan solutions, if you will.  When you think about it, this is silly.

Consider an analogy to a medical situation.  Imagine a patient comes in to see a doctor.  He has all sorts of symptoms, including hypertension, obesity, heart problems, sleep apnea, bad skin, etc.  Imagine if the doctor told the patient: “I am going to give you a magic pill, and if you just take that pill five times a week, it’s going to solve your health problems in just 15 days.”  You would, rightly, think that the doctor was a quack.  But many legal marketing solution sellers operate on this principle.  They will promise that great marketing is just a matter of implementing this or that tactic, following this or that strategy, or just changing one or two things about your law firm.  That may be true.  But also it might not be.  Every law firm is different.  Every attorney faces different marketing challenges and requires a fine-tuned, aggressively optimized solution.

What Legal Marketing Really Is:

Legal marketing is not a problem to be handled once and fixed by an outsider.  It’s an ongoing process.  That process should include consistent analysis and refinement of current initiatives.  Understanding what is working and what isn’t working is one of the most important aspects of your marketing program.  The most successful rainmakers will tell you that marketing is a part of their daily or weekly routine.  That routine includes follow-up with clients and prospects, analyzing, tweaking or in some cases reassessing current programs and above all patience.  So don’t expect to fix everything at once.  But do expect that if you adopt and inculcate certain productive, success-proven habits, you will see serious progress.

“Ambition is the Path to Success; Persistence is the Vehicle You Arrive In”

Imagine you are a personal injury attorney who has a struggling practice.  You recognize that something needs to change about your marketing.  So you read books, talk to people, take advantage of things like RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® service and so forth.  You decide to devote 30 minutes a day toward understanding, developing, and refining your marketing process.

Now, you might not see immediate results from this work.  But then you might see sudden – even in retrospect seemingly inexplicable – changes to your business practices.  Here’s another analogy to help you.  Say you go to a chiropractor.  He or she will likely notice a lot of places where your posture is wrong, where you are essentially out of alignment.  The work will probably involve treating various muscular trigger points and problems with your back or spine.  The first one or two treatments may or may not work.  But then, one day, several weeks in, you may suddenly begin to notice a new flexibility and agility.  In other words, just like “getting healthy” is a process and not something you just “do once,” getting your legal marketing in shape is also a process that takes time, support and persistence.

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