RW Lynch 5 QuesionsThe legal advertising landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade and is poised to experience continued evolution in the years to come. A recent Nielsen study found that over half of participants reported using telephone directories less now than they did two years ago while a stunning 78% reported using the Internet more now than they did two years ago. This same study found that 3 out of 4 people now find their local service providers (including lawyers) online, and that number is only growing.

These days, the must-ask questions for any potential advertising partner you may consider are very different than they were just a few years ago.

Five Questions to Ask Your Advertising Partner Today

  1. Do your services include internet advertising? How long have you been doing it and how big of a part does it play in your overall strategy?

    An effective advertiser should have significant experience in internet marketing, and given that 75% of people find their lawyers online, internet advertising should play a major role in overall strategy.

  2. How are your websites and ads ranked on major search engines?

    Given that higher position means more traffic (and more potential business for you), an effective advertiser should be able to demonstrate good site and ad positions on all major search engines.

  3. How much traffic do your websites and ads generate? How many unique monthly visitors do your sites receive?

    The best advertisers get the lion’s share of the search audience because they advertise on more keywords, on more websites, and in more cities than the competition. While some advertisers dominate niche keywords or phrases but get very little traffic, a high number of monthly visitors lets you know that the advertiser is capturing a significant portion of the potential business available.

  4. Do you have a comprehensive advertising plan that goes beyond the internet?

    Effective advertisers know how to take advantage of all the places where business can be generated. A good advertising partner should make the best use of your ad dollars – maximizing the return on your investment every day. They should know where the leads are today, and where to move your money tomorrow to get first mover advantage when the market changes.

  5. Does your staff regularly review applicable bar regulations in my jurisdiction(s)?

    A trustworthy advertising partner should take your obligations to comply with bar regulations extremely seriously. They should have dedicated staff who regularly review changes and advertisers with a reputation for ethical and responsible advertising.

Your business is important, and you deserve an advertising partner who feels the same way. Be sure to ask the following questions of any potential advertising company to make sure you get the full spectrum service your practice needs to succeed.

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