When it comes to lawyer marketing, there are many different strategies to choose from.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you devise a plan. 

When it comes to getting the word out about your legal services, what’s the most effective path? The truth about lawyer marketing – it’s not easy. But with dedication and know-how, you’ll be able to carve out a name for your firm that will last in the minds of your community.

Designate a Budget

What type of budget have you decided to put toward growing a name for your firm? Having some money to allocate for marketing is essential. Look over past settlements and successful cases that have been the exact type of incoming business you want. What brought them in? Call your local paper and ask how much it will cost to place an ad. Check with the bus stop bench advertising groups as well since other attorneys use that space. Then add up those numbers to see how feasible your lawyer marketing strategy will be in terms of quarterly expenses.



Create Exclusivity for Your Law Firm

What does exclusivity mean? When you join a network like RW Lynch, not only will you get access to calls that come in specifically to your firm, you’ll get hands-on assistance from our sharp team of Account Executives that guide you down the path to success. Along with the exclusive regions we give our personal injury member attorneys, we also help to cut back on the worry and hassle mentioned when trying to form a budget.



Keeping an Online Content Schedule in Motion

You have a busy schedule. In order to achieve a fluid amount of content moving from your site, you need to keep your eyes and ears open to the news that is relatable to your firm. On top of that, you need to see what keywords make the most sense for your firm to appear under. Designate seven keywords where you want to be in the top results. Then, make sure these keywords are expertly woven into the fabric of your website by placing them methodically on the pages of your site that relate to the keyword along with producing at least 3 original blogs a week.

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Know Your Audience

Do you want to be local? Statewide? How far outside of your region do you want to be known? Consider the ups and downs of maintaining a large area around your practice. Also, who is your target audience? As discussed in the finding your niche blog, you’ll want to create a specialty for your firm.

This shows that you are an expert on a specific subject. Look up “Dog Bite Attorney” or “Construction Accident Injury Lawyer”, chances are you’ll see firms that take pride in being the go-to firm for a specific case. Aim to be that firms new competition.


Building a Reputation in Your Community

Consider Public Relations tactics for your business. A personal injury firm that is involved in their community by giving back and being present among the people you hope to represent is a sure fire way to position your business in a positive light. This could include sponsoring a local youth sports team or sponsoring a large meal at a homeless shelter. Not only are you giving back, your name will be associated with the pulse of the people who will know to go to you for help when they need it. You may even get some free press out of it which will help with your Google results.


Seem like a lot? We agree. That’s why we created a service that focuses on lawyer marketing across the country. Take a look at the testimonial videos and hear from lawyers that have had success with the program. When you become an exclusive Member Attorney with RW Lynch, you receive injury victims who know about The Injury HelpLine as a trusted method of connecting with a personal injury lawyer.

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