Program Overview

A Catalyst for Growth

RW Lynch is the largest nationwide network of attorneys expanding their reach and caseload with our all-inclusive advertising program. Through our powerful advertising network, Injury HelpLine®, we reach injured people across a full media spectrum and connect them, exclusively to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Member attorneys are further supported by one-on-one support from a dedicated account representative and proprietary lead management tools.


Jay Knispel

Law Office of Jay S. Knispel

We deal in exclusivity

We contract with only one firm per geographic area and that firm will receive every single lead from the areas where they subscribe. With advertising competition increasing yearly, our subscribers are protected from sharing the same leads with other attorneys. In addition, unlike directory and rating programs, this is the only advertising program where as we add more subscribers all clients benefit from increased budgets and increased advertising both nationally and locally.

The Injury HelpLine® advertises nationally/locally to reach injured people in your market

Injured people respond by calling or submitting their information online, and are assisted by our professional call processing team 24/7

We deliver leads via phone, email and text message immediately, exclusively to you

View and manage your leads via exclusive management tools

Injury HelpLine® Lead Generation

RW Lynch generates personal injury leads through marketing and advertising our Injury HelpLine® consumer brand. We have a team of experts that manages and optimizes all of our lead generation efforts to create consistent volume and quality for our member attorneys.

Lead Delivery and Client Support

RW Lynch provides 24/7 lead processing, exclusive leads and customized delivery for our clients. Our delivery service also includes Live Call Transfer for immediate direct connect opportunities. Additionally, we support our clients with a personal account representative, lead management software and local advertising campaign optimization.

Is there an exclusive market available for your firm?

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