Attorneys in our network reap the benefits of organic search leads generated through our Injury HelpLine® website, which has a team of marketing experts that handles all of the search engine optimization (SEO) and content development.

Injury HelpLine® Content Marketing

Our website is compliant with SEO best practices, is routinely updated with related personal injury content and is optimized for mobile device search. These features allow us to create national and local Injury HelpLine® awareness, more site visits and personal injury leads through forms submissions and phone calls. Each lead is then processed by our in-house call center and delivered exclusively to one of our member attorneys.

Computer screens showing SEO optimized website and content marketing efforts for personal injury lead generation.

Our new content additions are distributed via our Injury HelpLine® social media properties to provide valuable information to our users, increase user engagement with our consumer brand, send more traffic to our website and generate more personal injury leads.

Additionally, our Injury HelpLine® website has 15 case specific ad response pages, such as car accidents and defective products, which are optimized to help create high Quality Scores for our paid search advertising campaigns. Quality Score is a metric used by Google and other paid search advertisers to influence ad placement and cost per click.

Features & Benefits

  • Top Results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and More

    Organic exposure generates more visits, leads and new cases.
  • New Content Routinely Added and Optimized

    Continuous content updates create more search listings, visits and leads.
  • Mobile-Compliant SEO and Content

    Organic search advantages and better visibility on mobile devices.
  • Managed by SEO and Content Experts

    No wasted time or money with professional management.
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Content, Keywords and Long Tail Phrases

Organic search is driven by search engine optimized content, which revolves around keywords and long tail phrases. An example of a keyword search term is "injury advice," and an example of a long tail phrase is "long term car accident injury symptoms."

RW Lynch's marketing experts understand how to effectively target keyword terms and long tail phrases that matter for personal injury searches. Through both technical SEO techniques and optimized content, our experts ensure that we are able to capture top search engine results page (SERP) placement on search engines such as Google. By continually optimizing our site and adding new content, we are able to maintain and grow our organic presence over time.

Long tail personal injury keyword search phrase highlighted on laptop screen.

Why Is Content, SEO and Organic Search Important?

SEO and content marketing play key roles in obtaining top organic search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO and content marketing help attract more users to a website and engage visitors with compelling information on the topics for which they search.

With top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo commanding a 96% global market share of internet searches, it is crucial to have a well-established organic presence to drive brand exposure and new users to a website. This is even more important for personal injury firms that face the most competitive organic search environment of any industry.

Google, Bing and Yahoo logos depicting the three major search engine marketing platforms.

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