Attorneys who join RW Lynch's network are able to take advantage of local ad responses coming directly from our industry-leading responsive, mobile-friendly website that is accessible from any device, at any time.

Injury HelpLine® Access to Local Attorneys

Our Injury HelpLine® website, which is designed with mobile viewing and use in mind, provides an engaging and user-friendly browsing experience regardless of mobile device. With its responsive design, smartphone and tablet users have access to a full desktop browsing experience that is optimized to drive mobile leads via our 800 number click-to-call feature and mobile-friendly submission forms.

 I get a lot of auto accidents from people that are in the ages of 20-25. Where did they find me? They looked me up on their phone. 
William Whitaker, Law Office of William Justice Whitaker

With more users searching on smartphones and other mobile devices, we are positioned to capture the shift in consumer browsing behavior and respond to mobile leads quickly with our 24/7 lead processing and exclusive distribution model.

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile-Friendly Site for Smartphones and Tablets

    Capture more leads from the fastest growing online market segment.
  • Click-to-Call 800 Number on All Mobile Pages

    More direct response leads with integrated call functionality on mobile devices.
  • Full Site Access for Mobile Device Users

    Increased site access and user engagement creates more direct response leads.
  • Mobile-Specific Paid Search Ads

    More mobile site visits and lead opportunities with targeted mobile advertising.
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Mobile Advertising and SEO

There are distinct differences in how paid search advertising and organic search results work on computers and mobile devices. The biggest impact on mobile advertising and organic search is based on how optimized a website is for mobile use.

From an organic search standpoint, website search engine optimization (SEO) must factor in mobile-friendly best practices. Websites that have implemented mobile-friendly best practices have search engine ranking advantages over other websites that are not optimized for mobile use.

For paid search ads, which can be specifically targeted for mobile devices, websites that are not optimized for mobile use suffer from an adverse impact to their campaign Quality Scores. Quality Score is a metric that Google and other mobile search advertisers use to influence ad placement and cost per click.

Smartphone and tablet showing mobile advertising and SEO for personal injury lead generation.

Why Is Mobile Device Lead Generation Important?

In 2015, Google officially announced that mobile device searches surpassed desktop search queries in 10 countries, including the United States. This announcement came shortly after Google launched an update to its mobile search algorithm that rewards mobile-friendly compliant websites with higher search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

With people turning to their mobile devices to research and contact businesses and professional services, such as attorneys, it is imperative to have a mobile presence that is fully optimized to generate personal injury leads for smartphone and tablet device users.

Graph showing smartphones and mobile device searches on Google surpassing desktops in 2015.

Over 50% of all online searches are now done via mobile device.

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