Attorneys who subscribe to RW Lynch's network gain full access to personal injury leads generated from our television commercials displayed under our Injury HelpLine® consumer brand.

Injury HelpLine® in the Media

With over 30 years of experience in personal injury TV advertising, our professional media buyers have refined our commercials' spots and times to optimize direct ad responses and brand exposure. Our Injury HelpLine® commercials are targeted at a diverse range of national and local markets that are shown on over 60 networks and 800 TV shows, and they are fully compliant with all state advertising laws.

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We take pride in producing commercials that are tastefully crafted, yet effectively drive ad response leads via direct call 800 numbers and website visits. Personal injury leads generated from our television commercials are processed immediately and sent to our member attorneys via an exclusive distribution model.

Features & Benefits

  • Top Personal Injury TV Advertiser

    Compete with the biggest firms through national and local commercials.
  • Commercials on 60+ Networks, 800+ Shows

    Diverse network presence provides more exposure and leads.
  • Targeted Local Network Commercials

    Increased local response opportunities from regional commercials.
  • Compliant with All State Advertising Laws

    No need to worry about complex state-specific advertising laws.
  • Managed by Media Buying Experts

    No wasted time or money with professional management.
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Legal Television Advertising Trends

Personal injury and legal TV advertising continue to see ad spend increases year after year. This trend is an anomaly when compared to all other industries' TV advertising behavior, which has seen ad spend stagnate or, in many cases, decline in recent years.

To put this in perspective, over the last eight years personal injury and legal TV advertising has grown 68%, which is six times faster than all other TV advertising. In this time, personal injury and legal advertising doubled its share of local spot advertising and quadrupled its share of syndicated TV ads.

Television Advertising Costs

Graph showing legal TV advertising growth increase compared to all other industries.

What Is the Value of Legal TV Advertising?

The top 10 personal injury and legal TV advertisers spent, on average, $15 million on commercials.* Once a legal TV advertiser secures space in a premium spot offering or targeted syndicated program, that legal TV advertiser typically has the right of first refusal for future advertising space in that programming.

This results in legal TV advertisers maintaining strong commercial programming positions while expanding into additional spaces when they become available, which can be retained and provide a strategic advantage in the following years. In the highly competitive field of personal injury, being able to obtain leads from TV commercials is a luxury that few firms can afford.

*Trial Lawyer Marketing: Broadcast, Search and Social Strategies Study
Representation of Television Networks Injury HelpLine has broadcast on.

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