Member attorneys get immediate access to personal injury leads generated from our professionally managed pay-per-click (PPC), display and retargeting ad campaigns under our Injury HelpLine® consumer brand.

Injury HelpLine® Lead Generation

Injury HelpLine® internet and paid search ads are created and optimized by marketing experts to provide the ideal positioning, availability, cost per click and conversion rates to generate personal injury leads for our member attorneys. Our PPC advertising campaigns also offer an effective mix of broad national and targeted local campaigns to capture the most users regardless of how they conduct searches.

Google search showing pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement for personal injury lead generation.

Users that click on any of our internet and paid search ads are taken to a localized landing page that is designed to dynamically adapt to their geographic area, prompting users to contact an attorney in their location. Personal injury leads generated from our ads are immediately processed and sent to our member attorneys via an exclusive distribution model.

Features & Benefits

  • Ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo and More

    Receive leads from top search engines and related websites.
  • National and Local Ad Campaigns

    Broad online ad exposure and leads targeted near you.
  • Localized Case Type Landing Pages

    Location-based ad response webpages increase lead conversions.
  • Campaigns Managed by SEM Experts

    No wasted time or money with professional management.
  • Compliant with All State Advertising Laws

    No need to worry about complex state-specific advertising laws.
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The Cost of Personal Injury Advertising

Personal injury paid search and internet advertising campaigns are some of the most competitive – and expensive – ads in the world. In the latest study on Google's most expensive keywords, personal injury and legal search queries accounted for 78 of the top 100, with the top 50 keyword terms all over $300 per click (i.e., one user clicking on an ad and visiting a webpage, not a lead).

However, effectively managing and optimizing internet and paid search advertising campaigns can play a critical role in increasing case growth by providing meaningful personal injury ad response leads.

Of the top 100 most expensive Google keywords:

Graph showing Google's most expensive pay-per-click (PPC) keywords in personal injury and related cost per click.

Why Is Internet and Paid Search Advertising Important?

The number of people turning to the internet to conduct online research and make decisions is growing. Google, Bing and Yahoo account for well over 100 billion search queries every month, and their core revenue is generated through internet and search advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC), display and retargeting ads.

With such a large number of people browsing the internet – and paid search ads taking up more space in the top results of popular keyword searches – gaining the proper visibility, ad conversion rates and personal injury ad response leads can be the differentiating factor in being able to successfully grow a legal practice.

Google Ad Revenue (in billions)

Graph showing Google's advertising revenue growth over a five-year period of time.

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