Members of RW Lynch's network gain access to our lead processing and delivery service, which handles all inbound calls from our 800 numbers and form submissions through our Injury HelpLine® website.

Leads Processed and Delivered to You

Member attorneys can customize the lead delivery process based on their preferences. This includes choosing how and when to receive Live Call Transfers for direct connect opportunities as well as what staff should receive email and text notifications. Lead delivery and notification is also customized by time of day, such as firm office hours and after hours, in order to improve response time and live connect opportunities for our attorneys.

 The way the live calls work, it's really nice because you can have them call the office, and then I have my backup as my cell phone, and then I also get a text. So when I know a call has come in to the office and I'm not here, I can check in with the attorneys here and find out who took the call. 
Aaron Bigby, Partner at Northcraft, Bigby & Biggs

All personal injury leads that we generate are processed immediately and distributed exclusively to a member attorney in their local area. Our 24/7 processing service also includes our lead reconnect feature, where we assist attorneys in following up with leads if they are having trouble getting in touch with them.

Features & Benefits

  • In-House Processing Center

    Dedicated professionals that process and deliver leads.
  • Immediate Lead Response

    We follow up and deliver fast to increase new client opportunities.
  • Customized Delivery via Phone, Email and Text

    Live Call Transfer and other delivery options for quick response.
  • Lead Reconnect

    Less missed opportunities with lead reconnect follow-up service.
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Image depicting 24 hour personal injury lead processing and delivery via phone, email and text.

Prompt Lead Processing Helps Win New Clients

Promptly responding to claimants directly affects the probability of converting those personal injury leads into clients. And the more leads that are converted into new cases results in a greater opportunity for attorneys to see a meaningful return on investment (ROI) from marketing, advertising and lead generation efforts.

RW Lynch is focused on lead conversions and ROI for our member attorneys. In order to provide the best opportunity to obtain high lead conversion rates and ROI, we put our member attorneys in contact with personal injury claimants as soon as possible. This is why we include 24/7 lead processing and delivery as a core component of our all-inclusive program.

RW Lynch's lead delivery and support services combine our 24/7 lead processing with our exclusive distribution model and client support tools, including lead management software and a personal account executive. These value-added tools allow us to provide our member attorneys with a comprehensive lead generation, delivery and support program that enables them to concentrate on new client acquisition.

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