Member attorneys gain exclusive access to 100% of the calls our Injury HelpLine® brand generates in their area.

Leads Delivered Exclusively to You

Our exclusive lead distribution model is structured so that only one attorney is subscribed to a particular geographic area, and that one member attorney receives all personal injury leads generated in that area.

 There quite simply is no other source that gives you access to prospective clients like RW Lynch. Especially with the exclusivity in regards to the geographical areas, and the way that the contact system and calls are set up. 
John Mifka, Law Offices of John F. Mifka

Advantages of Exclusive Leads

Our use of exclusive lead distribution provides attorneys with several distinct advantages over lead generation services that use a non-exclusive distribution model, including:

  • No direct competition and adverse effect on an attorney's lead conversion rate
  • Better lead consistency for practice management and growth opportunities
  • Exclusive rights to geographic areas while subscribed to our program
  • Enhanced lead tracking, evaluation and follow-up opportunities

Features & Benefits

  • Area Ownership and Exclusivity

    Exclusive rights to the area(s) and all leads generated in the area(s).
  • No Competing or Sharing

    More leads and better conversion rate with no direct competition.
  • Consistent New Case Opportunities

    Stable and reliable monthly leads for better practice management.
  • Exclusive Lead Tracking

    Lead tracking helps RW Lynch optimize local ad campaigns for specific clients.
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Exclusive Leads Help with Lead Conversions and ROI

Lead conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) are two of the most important factors to evaluate when determining the value of a lead generation program.

RW Lynch is focused on these two metrics, and our use of exclusive distribution is designed to provide our member attorneys with every opportunity to maximize their lead conversion rates and overall ROI with our lead generation program.

RW Lynch's lead delivery and support services combine exclusive distribution with our 24/7 lead processing and suite of client support tools, including lead management software and a personal account executive. These value-added tools allow us to provide our member attorneys with a comprehensive lead generation, delivery and support program that enables them to concentrate on new client acquisition.

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