Injury HelpLine®

RW Lynch's Group Advertising Consumer Brand

RW Lynch pioneered legal group advertising in 1984 with the launch of its consumer brand, Injury HelpLine®. Today, Injury HelpLine® has evolved into a nationally recognized consumer resource that helps educate people about personal injury issues and connect them to local attorneys from any device, at any time.

Injury HelpLine® Marketing and Advertising

RW Lynch's consumer brand generates personal injury leads through marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), content publications and social media, as well as multichannel advertising campaigns.

RW Lynch manages both national and local group advertising campaigns displayed under our consumer brand, including internet and paid search, mobile-specific ads and television commercials.

Our multichannel advertising campaigns are carefully coordinated and optimized to generate personal injury leads to our member attorneys in the various market areas to which they subscribe.

Our marketing experts evaluate various metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per acquisition and direct response actions, and continually optimize our advertising campaigns to maximize leads for our member attorneys.

Additionally, our local advertising campaigns are adjusted for individual member attorneys based on our lead assessment and optimization service that is part of our all-inclusive lead generation program under a client support tools.

Injury HelpLine® Website

Our mobile-friendly Injury HelpLine® website is constantly updated with new content and information to engage our users and appeal to a variety of personal injury case types. It has also been designed and optimized to make contacting an attorney quick and easy. With site updates and features always in the works, it is the go-to consumer resource for personal injury information and local attorneys.

Website features include:

  • Targeted personal injury case type landing pages
  • Accessible from any internet-connected computer or device
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly compliant design
  • Optimized to generate smartphone leads
  • Localized ad response landing pages
Learn how Injury HelpLine® works for injured victims in less than a minute.
An RW Lynch client and our marketing manager sat down with Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act to discuss how Injury HelpLine® provides real help for real people.

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