With over 30 years of proven success, the RW Lynch Total Marketing Solution Works!

In the early days, legal marketing was easy. Run an ad in the local Yellow Pages and maybe a slot or two on television, and the leads came pouring in. Today, things are much different. There are a multitude of mediums to advertise on and potential clients are looking for a quick way to find an attorney, not to mention expecting an incredibly fast response to their needs. It’s no longer as easy as it used to be to stay ahead of your competition.

With increased competition, personal injury attorneys are more aggressive than ever with their marketing efforts. Your competitors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to stay ahead. How can you compete with that? Simple … group marketing.

Powerful Nationwide Advertising

Our total marketing solution is powerful enough to market nationwide and focused enough to impact your local area!

With hundreds of award winning television commercials, in addition to a suite of 10 injury specific websites, the Injury HelpLine® has assisted millions of injured victims contact a local personal injury attorney. Injury victims can call from the comfort of their home, send an online request from their desk, or use their smart device from anywhere in the world to call or send an online request.

The Injury HelpLine Network
Absolute Lead Exclusivity

Never Share a Lead

Complete Exclusivity! Unlike the directory model, RW Lynch offers an exclusive program. When you become a subscriber to our Injury HelpLine® network, you will own every lead that comes in from your geographic area. There is absolutely no sharing or fracturing.

24 / 7 Worry Free Call Delivery

In order to sign cases you need to have a lightning fast response time to any and every potential lead. That is why RW Lynch has a 24/7 call processing center that will process every call and inquiry received in your geographic area. They will collect the lead's relevant information and forward that lead to you via live transfer, email, text or all of the above. You can receive leads anytime, anywhere!

Conceirge Call Processing
Lead Management and Remarketing

Manage Your Leads Effortlessly

With our proprietary lead management system, you can securely track and analyze every lead you receive from the program from any computer or mobile device in the world! Plus you can add you own leads to the database allowing you to manage past, present and future clients all from one convenient location. Our lead management suite provides you with the tools to integrate ongoing email and direct mail marketing for your firm ensuring that you are capitalizing on second and third generation opportunities.

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