Personal Injury Law Firms that want to grow their potential personal injury cases have been relying on RW Lynch for 30 years. The partnerships we have built with Personal Injury Lawyers over the past 30 years have provided personal injury victims with the best resource for legal representation, through the power of Injury HelpLine® program. Personal Injury advertising has always been a competitive industry with spending nationally topping $700 million last year alone. Studies continue to show that the top spenders in each market generate the greatest number of Personal Injury calls. But the costs and complexity of this is out of reach for all but the largest firms — until the Injury HelpLine®.

With Injury HelpLine®, you reap the benefits of group advertising rates at a very low cost. This combined buying power provides leverage in securing the best volume and time slot commitments and makes us one of the top legal advertisers in major markets. Injury HelpLine® allows our clients to compete with the key advertising spenders in their markets for a fraction of the cost.

As an attorney participating in our program, you can count on receiving top-of-the-line client care for both yourself and your potential cases, a full service marketing program that will generate business and the comfort of knowing that injured victims in your area will be able to effortlessly connect to you through our suite of Injury HelpLine® websites and award winning commercials.

Let us help you connect with the injured victims in your area. Not only would you be building the practice you’ve always dreamed of, but you’d also be helping those in their most difficult time receive the compensation they are entitled to!

Call us today at 800-594-8940 or click here to get started now!

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Founder and CEO Attribute Company’s Longevity to Employees and Clients

Countless changes in technology and media during the past 30 years have dramatically altered the way personal injury marketing is done. As a leading provider of marketing and advertising services, RW Lynch has embraced – and relished – every new development. As a result, RW Lynch celebrated its 30-year anniversary servicing the personal injury legal industry on May 1, 2014.

Maintaining a business for three decades is a challenging undertaking in any industry – and in a service organization specifically, it demands the ability to stay ahead of emerging technologies as well as customer needs. “We’ve learned to embrace and leverage new media forms as they arise. Throughout our tenure we have often been the first to utilize new media, before our competitors, including the Internet and mobile communications. This innovative spirit has allowed us to provide our clients with the best possible results for 30 years,” said Randy Lynch, Founder and Chairman of RW Lynch. “Technology enables and drives our business and we will continue to look for ways to utilize it to improve our services and continue to create results for our clients.”

Founded in 1984, RW Lynch Company, Inc. pioneered group advertising for attorneys with the Injury HelpLine® program. Personal injury law firms that want to grow their personal injury practices have been relying on RW Lynch and the power of Group Advertising for the best return on their advertising and marketing investment. “The partnerships we have built with personal injury lawyers over the past 30 years have enabled us to connect nearly 3 million injured victims with the best resource for legal representation in their local area.

Our focus has always been to bring added value to our clients,” said CEO Brian Lynch. “And that attitude – coupled with continuous investments in people and technology – has allowed us to build a unique business model that few (if any) competitors have been able to emulate. In a relationship-driven business, people are key. The ‘people’ are our business,” said Lynch. “I often tell people that I have the greatest job in the world because I get to work with and for a lot of great people. It’s very gratifying to help employees and clients succeed – and to play a role in their growth and development.”

RW Lynch 30 Year Anniversay - 1984-2014
30th anniversary gifts
Our birthday cake!
Our Founder and current CEO
30th anniversary lunch
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For 30 years we, at RW Lynch, have continually strived for excellence in everything we do, from cutting edge marketing strategies to top-of-the-line client services. We are both honored and proud to have received prestigious recognition for our efforts. If you are looking for the best, don’t take it from us, take it from those who have recognized it!

INC 500 Logo
Two Consecutive Year Honoree
ABA Logo
Five time winner - "Dignity in Lawyer Advertising" award
1989 Awards

INC 500 - Fastest-growing Companies in the US

Ranked #67
1990 Awards

INC 500 - Fastest-growing Companies in the US

Ranked #439
1992 Awards

ABA "Dignity In Advertising Award"

Television Advertisements – Values We Cherish (60s)
1993 Awards

ABA "Dignity In Advertising Award"

Yellow Pages Advertisements – A Tradition of Success  –  First Place Television Advertisements (small firms) – Legal Matters (60s)  –  First Place Television Advertisements – We’re Proud of the Company We Keep (60s)

The Legal Advertising and Marketing Awards

Certificate of Compliance

The Entrepreneurs Award

Randy Lynch - CEO

Best Legal Trade Show Exhibit

Best Marketing of Law Related Product or Service

1996 Awards

National Law Firm Marketing Association – Your Honor Award

Yellow Pages Design Advertising (Honorable Mention)

ABA "Dignity In Advertising Award"

Television Advertisements – Values We Cherish (60s)  –  First Place Television Advertisements – Actions Speak Louder Than Words (60s) Home Page Design - Franklin, Cardwell & Jones Home Page  –  First and Only Winner Print Collateral / Client Newsletters – Lewis, Reeves & Stone’s Summer and Winter Client Newsletters

Honorable Mention and Certificate of Compliance

Print Collateral / Client Newsletters – Lewis, Reeves & Stone’s Summer and Winter Client Newsletters
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Legal marketing has seen many milestones over the years. Beginning with Abraham Lincoln in early American history to the full fledged marketing campaigns of today, the evolution of legal marketing has made it possible for lawyers to grow their firms in ways never before thought possible.

The pivotal moment in history was 1974, when John Bates and Van O’Steen found themselves faced with a dilemma: violate ethics laws to advertise their services and fees, or watch their legal clinic for low-income individuals wither away due to a lack of clientele. In an effort to save their firm, Bates and O’Steen opted to do the unthinkable and placed an ad in a local Phoenix, Arizona newspaper. Although their actions drew in scores of new clients, they also drew the ire of the President of the State Bar of Arizona, who quickly filed a complaint in response to their decision to advertise. A hearing panel recommended a six month suspension, which was later reduced to censure after a series of appeals. The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court and was ultimately overturned on the grounds that truthful advertisement of the availability and terms of routine legal services was protected under the First and Fourth Amendments. Ultimately, Bates vs. State Bar of Arizona opened the door for legal marketing by declaring unconstitutional the strict ethical rules that had previously constrained attorneys.

In the wake of this landmark ruling, a burst of consumer-oriented legal advertising ensued, with personal injury lawyers grabbing the reins. Advertisements depicted attorneys standing in front of bookshelves adorned with volumes of legal texts, or sitting casually on the edge of a mahogany desk with the scales of justice placed prominently in the background. Toll-free numbers were gobbled up, and the trusty Yellow Pages became instrumental to the success of consumer practices. However, it was not until the end of the 1970s that the first inklings of actual legal marketing began to emerge in the form of billboards, television commercials, bus signs, and newspaper advertisements.

Just as the wheels were starting to spin on the fledgling legal marketing machine, The American Lawyer published salary information of big-firm lawyers, which sent lawyers scrambling for employment at mega firms and subsequently increased competition both within and among firms. This increased competition brought with it the need for firms to gain advantage over each other and find novel ways to connect with potential clients. Marketing-mania slowly began to trickle-down through the industry into smaller firms, and strategies improved considerably as the daring and creative thinking of marketing experts began to deploy new tactics in the fight to promote their firms.

As the Internet-era boomed in the mid-1990s, online marketing offered more creative and far-reaching opportunities for law firms to promote their services. By the end of the 90s most law firms had developed their own websites. And within the next ten years some savvy firms began turning their advertising dollars to the internet to gain competitive advantage. Today, law firms now use a versatile array of online and traditional marketing mediums that includes everything from direct mail, television, pay per click advertising, social media engagement and mobile advertising to name just a few.

The days of putting an ad in the yellow pages and sitting back and waiting for all the calls to start coming in have passed us by. Today firms are required to have a sophisticated arsenal at their disposal and be ready to change it up on a moment’s notice to remain competitive. No longer can an attorney rely on just their reputation as a great attorney to be the front line in his/her marketing efforts.

That's why our clients have been relying on RW Lynch's total marketing solution. With RW Lynch, our clients get a full arsenal of marketing tools and cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the competition without the legal marketing worry.

The History of Legal Marketing
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