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In 1984, Randy Lynch pioneered the concept of group advertising and third-party lead generation. The concept revolved around producing television commercials and print advertisements under a single brand name, and then distributing ad response claimants to participating attorneys. After proving that his concept worked and building up a local network of participating attorneys, Mr. Lynch began to expand his business nationwide.

Pictures showing RW Lynch, its founder, Randy Lynch, and logo in the late 1980s.

The Advertising Age Begins

Legal advertising grew significantly in the 1990s. Mr. Lynch and his R.W. Lynch Co., Inc. ("RW Lynch") company were perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend by offering a low cost alternative to traditional brand marketing TV commercials promoting law firms. RW Lynch and its Injury HelpLine® advertising became a major success, and attorneys across the nation began subscribing to the program to receive TV and print ad response leads.

Collage of old personal injury trade show exhibition, TV commercials and RW Lynch logo.

Online Presence

The advent of the World Wide Web added extra depth – and complexity – to legal marketing and advertising. RW Lynch recognized the vast potential of this new technology to disrupt traditional marketing methods, and expanded the Injury HelpLine® brand online with www.injuryhelpline.com. RW Lynch also added Internet and paid search advertising to its lead generation program.

Desktop and laptop screens showing images of old RW Lynch website and logo.

Mobile Presence

Smartphone and tablet use has grown rapidly, and mobile technology has changed the way and speed at which people consume information. RW Lynch quickly identified the shift in consumer behavior and launched Injury HelpLine® mobile. Mobile-specific advertising was also added to its lead generation program. Injury HelpLine® mobile has now evolved into a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website that is accessible on any internet-connected device.

Smartphones showing the first version of RW Lynch's Injury HelpLine mobile website.

Demand Generation

Today, RW Lynch actively manages a diverse array of marketing and advertising channels to ensure that we continue generating personal injury leads effectively and consistently. Injury HelpLine® is promoted and seen on traditional and digital media and accessible on any device, at any time. Our program has also grown to include an industry-leading 24/7 lead processing and delivery service, including Live Call Transfer, and ongoing client support that includes local advertising campaign optimization, cloud-based lead management software and a personal account representative.

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