Personal injury law firms that want to grow their potential personal injury cases have been relying on RW Lynch for 30 years. The partnerships we have built with personal injury lawyers over the past 30 years have provided personal injury victims with the best resource for legal representation. Through the power of Group Advertising, RW Lynch has connected nearly 4 million injured victims to personal injury lawyers in their local markets and has helped our clients attain the best return on their advertising and marketing investment.

RW Lynch and The Injury HelpLine

In 1984, RW Lynch Company, Inc. pioneered the concept of group advertising for attorneys with our Injury HelpLine® program. Personal injury advertising has always been a competitive industry with spending nationally topping $700 million last year alone. Studies continue to show that the top spenders in each market generate the greatest number of personal injury calls. But the costs and complexity of this is out of reach for all but the largest firms — until the Injury HelpLine®.

RW Lynch and The Injury HelpLine

With the Injury HelpLine®, you reap the benefits of group advertising rates at a very low cost. This combined buying power provides leverage in securing the best volume and time slot commitments and makes us one of the top legal advertisers in major markets. The Injury HelpLine® allows our clients to compete with the key advertising spenders in their markets for a fraction of the cost.

RW Lynch and The Injury HelpLine

As an attorney participating in our program, you can count on receiving top-of-the-line client care for both yourself and your potential cases. RW Lynch is a full service marketing program that will generate business and the comfort of knowing that injured victims in your area will be able to effortlessly connect to you through our suite of Injury HelpLine® websites and award winning commercials.

Let us help you connect with the injured victims in your area. Not only would you be building the practice you’ve always dreamed of, but you’d also be helping those in their most difficult time receive the compensation they are entitled to!

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RW Lynch has been a leader in Personal Injury lawfirm marketing and firm growth since 1984

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