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In 1984, RW Lynch Company, Inc. pioneered group advertising for attorneys with our Injury HelpLine® program. As the very first in the industry, we truly know it best. For nearly three decades RW Lynch has been the leading innovator in the injury law firm marketing field with a solid reputation for both integrity in business and powerful results for our clients. From New York to San Francisco and Honolulu, we have partnered with thousands of attorneys to strengthen and grow their practices through direct response internet, television, and mobile advertising. Our Total Marketing Solution also includes proprietary tools that empower injury attorneys to develop lucrative databases for ongoing secondary marketing.

At RW Lynch, we have held firm to a commitment to integrity and honesty in business for over 27 years. This commitment has garnered us numerous industry and business awards, including over 15 awards in Legal advertising and a Better Business Bureau rating of “A+.”

In fact, when industry concerns about questionable legal advertising led the American Bar Association to hold the "Dignity in Lawyer Advertising" Awards, we were honored with a First Place win every single year the awards were given.

When RW Lynch started in 1984, legal group advertising wasn’t even around. We shook the industry by fighting for and winning the opportunity to pioneer that field, revolutionizing the range and affordability of advertising options available to personal injury attorneys. And in all these years, we haven’t stopped trailblazing. While others have been content to follow in our footsteps, we have consistently taken the lead, breaking ground in new, high potential avenues. For example, when we jumped into advertising online over a decade ago, that novel medium captured a mere 1.1% of all ad dollars spent in the US. By comparison, online advertising now captures more ad dollars than television, newspapers and direct mail combined! These days, in addition to dominating the online advertising industry, we’re adding even more up-and-coming advertising tools to our arsenal, like mobile marketing, social networking and viral advertising.

As we looked at all of the other programs, I was very impressed by the [RW] Lynch program, their integrity, their ethics, and I'm very pleased that we went with them. We went with RW Lynch in June of 2005 so as of today it has been close to five years. It's been a very positive experience. I'm very impressed with the professionalism of the Lynch program.

Client from Pennsylvania

My experience has been phenomenal. There quite simply is no other source that I've ever heard of through my colleagues or read about that gives you the access to prospective clients like RW Lynch does. Especially with the exclusivity with regards to the geographical areas and the ways you receive the calls and of course how you get the email backup. Everything has been so facilitated for the practitioner to build up his or her practice.

Client from New Jersey

If you're going to get into the market for advertising, this would be the natural first step and if you're going to do it with anybody you have to do it with RW Lynch. I've been with RW Lynch coming up on 3 years in March and I will say that my experience with the program has been phenomenal. Absolutely amazing.

Client from New York


RW Lynch President, Brian Lynch Featured in National Law Review

The President of RW Lynch, Brian Lynch, recently wrote an article regarding the importance of lead response time as it relates to attorney marketing.  His article was featured by National Law this week.  You can read the full article here.

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RW Lynch’s Mobile Innovation Wins Praise

Visionary Injury HelpLine® Mobile Advertising Pays Off Big for Subscribers In January 2010, RW Lynch announced the launch of the visionary website as a way to get “Case Leads From a Surprising New Source.” At the time, the move was considered quite avant-garde – after all, we were the first nationwide advertiser in the […]

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Major Announcement from RW Lynch

We had a very exciting year in 2009. A surge of fresh talent and innovative ideas in our Marketing team has culminated in an almost complete re-imagining of the RW Lynch program and we are very excited to announce that we will be unveiling the final components of this new strategy in the next few […]

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