The RW Lynch program is a perfect fusion of group advertising and our exclusive market system. With nearly 30 years as the leader in group legal marketing for Personal Injury attorneys, RW Lynch presents a total advertising solution designed to bring lead after lead to you.

The Injury HelpLine® is central to our program, providing countless people with real injuries the help they need 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. Through our network of branded websites and award-winning television advertisements, the Injury HelpLine® attracts thousands of injury calls each month, distributing them to our partner law firms nationwide.

Watch the brief video below for the inside scoop on how our program can work for you…

How our 5 Step Legal Marketing Solution Works

  1. Attract More Leads With Targeted, Diverse Advertising

    • National and local television advertising coupled with online and mobile advertising designed to attract the widest pool of potential clients.
    • Our network of lead generating websites dynamically cater to every possible location and case type combination, 26 million in all!
  2. Protect Your Leads with Complete Exclusivity

    • Only one advertiser can join the Injury HelpLine® program per Local Market area. That firm receives every lead from the area(s) where they subscribe.
    • Position your firm so that when injured victims need help, you are the first to be called.
  3. Capture New Business with the Leads Generated from Injury HelpLine®

    • Potential clients call our professional call center in response to the national advertising, 24 hours a day/seven days a week and are live transfered to the attorney/firm that owns that Local Market area.
    • Receive your calls where you want them, when you want them: email, text message and even live call connection by one of our operators.
  4. Manage Your Existing Clients and New Potential Clients using GoldenListSM

    • Exclusive access to the GoldenListSM, a powerful, proprietary lead management suite.
    • A central dashboard makes it easy to see which leads are coming in or to add new leads, give us feedback, or view your database of potential and current clients. As your database grows, so do the opportunities to further market and grow your firm.
  5. Increase Your Profits by Building Relationships

    • Utilize our e-mail marketing program to stay in touch with potential, current and past clients.
    • Build a relationship with clients by sending newsletters, interesting legal facts, and keeping your firm top of mind.

With subscription to our program, you get the best of both worlds – the low prices that come from group advertising and the extensive reach and visibility of one of the nation’s top legal advertisers. The combined buying power of our subscribing partner firms provides leverage in securing the best volume and makes us one of the top legal marketing firms in major markets.

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