This exercise is intended to help you flesh out a personal injury firm marketing plan and aid in growth for your firm.

What’s your plan for marketing your personal injury firm? Below are some tips to get you moving on building a name for your practice.


Strategy: It’s all about building up to where you envision your practice being in the future. What are your benchmarks? How do these benchmarks align with the overall goals of your practice? Your personal injury firms marketing plan depends upon defining these elements.


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Infrastructure: Think of each digital platform like a road that leads to your website. What core platforms will your firm use for marketing online? And, once a visitor is looking at your website, where do you want visitors to go? What action do you want them to take?





Creative assets: You’ll need assets for your personal injury firm marketing strategy. Are your logos developed? How about color schemes you want your firm associated with? List all of the platforms you want to utilize. If you haven’t started using any social media profiles, research your competitors and see where they exist in order to create a good starting point for your digital presence.





Promotions: What are you doing to get the word out for your practice? Make a list and separate the digital from the physical and see where your plan may be lacking. As discussed in our SWOT analysis download, you want to make sure you identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to pinpoint where you need to improve.





Competitor Review: It’s worth being repeated –  when it comes to personal injury firm marketing, what is your competition doing that you aren’t currently improving upon? Research the nature of the posts that are getting a good response from your desired audience.  We’ll go deeper into performing a competitive review in a future blog. Stay tuned!





Vendor Review: What services are you using to build your practice? A sound approach to allocating a budget when ROI is a top concern is to go with a program that has worked for other attorneys. The RW Lynch program is the largest network of law firms nationwide and has been a proven method for building caseloads for multiple firms for 34 years.


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Our testimonial videos feature attorneys who made the decision to join The RW Lynch Network and, as a result, landed multiple six-figure settlements from helping people in their region when they needed it most.

Personal injury law is a fiercely competitive field and unique unto itself in terms of how clients reach you and who they trust in a moment of urgency. it’s understandable that all of this can seem like a lot to handle. We’re here to help. We’ll asssit with personal injury firm marketing while you focus on your clients.

One of the most reliable ways to find new clients is by joining a network that is known far and wide. When you become a member of the RW Lynch Network you are assigned to regions where exclusive calls go directly to your firm from clients who call The Injury HelpLine and trust us due to our longevity and reliability.

For more information, be sure to read our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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Have you created a SWOT Analysis for your Personal Injury Firm? Marketing groups take this classic step in the branding process to help them view different approaches they may not have thought of without this exercise.


The idea of this exercise is to be truthful with your businesses successes and shortcomings. Once you create a clear path it will be that much easier to allocate a budget to marketing and other strategies that will bring in long-term clients and help you build your firm.


Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.

You’ll find that, when you fill out each section of a SWOT analysis, you will have a few initial bursts of ideas and then, once you get through all four sections the first time around, you’ll start to see that one section will help in building out a concrete version for the others that may not be as thoroughly filled out.


Each section is as follows:

Strengths: How does your firm differentiate itself from others firms in your region? As we discussed in the Find Your Niche blog, find your specialty or your range of expertise and include this in your strengths. Your strengths can also be along the lines of experience, location, or even as specific as your presence on a particular online platform.


Download Your SWOT Analysis Template



Weaknesses: Where do you need to improve? This section will take some soul searching for your personal injury firm. Have a discussion with your team about your competition (which may arise again in the Threats section that we’ll touch down on a little later in this article) and what they are currently doing better in when it comes to their positioning in the market.





Opportunities: Where do you envision your biggest success coming from? Where do you see your firm in 5 years? 10 years? Where do you want to see your firm in terms of positioning in the local market? What do you want your brand to be associated with?


Contact us to grow your practice



Threats: What big firms exist in your region? How much do they spend on advertising? Do they have a stronghold on the market? How many firms are by you? What else may be hindering the performance of your firm?





RW Lynch has supplied this free download for your firm to take advantage of. Book a meeting and get together as a team to figure out the different approaches that need to be considered in order to correctly put your firm’s name out into the world and into the view of people searching for an attorney.

Build your firm and connect with potential lifelong clients with RW Lynch.

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Work Life Balance for Lawyer Dads

Posted on May 30, 2018

While we celebrate Father’s Day (especially you hard working Lawyer Dads!), let’s have fun with a couple of these stats and quotes from famous fathers about work-life balance for Dads!


Parenting is no easy task and the world is a busy place! Father’s Day is a wonderful time to say thank you to the dads in our life.

Below are some stats that display some of the dedication, love, and personal growth that comes with being a parent and a professional in today’s world.


  • Dads are just as likely as moms to say that parenting is extremely important to their identity. Some 57% of fathers say this, – PEW Research


  • Work-Life Balance – Just like mothers, many of today’s fathers find it challenging to balance work and family life. About half of working dads (52%) say it is very or somewhat difficult to do so. – PEW Research


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  • 36% of working dads say their company does not offer flexible work arrangements such as flexible schedules, telecommuting, job sharing and more. – CareerBuilder


  • At-Home Dads – According to 2012 estimates, 189,000 married fathers with children younger than 15 have remained out of the labor force for at least one year primarily so they can care for the family while their wife works outside the home. –


  • 85% of dads say being a father is the best job in the world. –


  • 54% of dads say I love you more to their children than their parents did.




Attorney Dads, we know you have a ton on your plate. Between fighting for settlements for your clients and being there for your kids when they need you, life can get pretty busy.

RW Lynch provides a program that helps you connect with potential clients who live by you via The Injury HelpLine. Basically, we do the marketing so you don’t have to. This provides work-life balance for you so you can be the super dad at home and still get your work done at the office.

Contact us today to learn more about our program.

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Takeout Food Leads to Surprise Injury

Posted on May 29, 2018

Sometimes a call will come into the Injury HelpLine that concerns an issue involving an eatery and a severe case of food poisoning. Other times, a restaurant is a culprit behind a scenario that can only be described as irresponsible. That’s where this particular case comes into play.


Our Member Attorney out of Oklahoma City reported back to us on what can only be described as a painful and shocking surprise from a caller. The injury victim had gone through the normal routine of ordering takeout food from a local establishment.

The food was delivered to him and was contained in disposable materials such as paper wrapping and, like most take-out food,  it was intentionally packaged so that it was easy to consume right out of the bag.


The caller bit into his meal and found himself in immediate pain. While taking a sizable bite, the victim failed to notice shattered fragments of a broken plate mixed in with his meal. The caller bit down into the food and badly damaged his mouth.

This ordeal resulted in agonizing pain and caused extensive damage to the caller’s mouth that required many stages of lengthy and expensive reconstructive dental surgery.  The caller contacted our Member Attorney and, after describing the circumstances, was promptly signed on as a new client.


The attorney estimates that this will be a quick settlement in which his client will receive an adequate sum to help him through this painful experience and all the expenses that accompany it.


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The RW Lynch Network is here to help injury victims connect with attorneys just like you. Our exclusive program for personal injury lawyers is the largest network of law firms nationwide. We have been in operation and going strong since 1984. For more information, contact us today.



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In this particular case, we had a caring father call The Injury HelpLine who was in a state of distress after an incident took place involving his son.

Bullying is a problem that won’t go away until families, teachers, schools, and anyone supervising children are educated on the issue and able to identify warning signs to know how to intervene when the safety of our youth may be at risk.

The caller reported that his son had been severely beaten by a group of bullies on the playground. The child was not only hurt by fists, the group of bullies held the child down and forced rocks into his ears. The rocks were pushed in so deep to the poor child’s ears that a surgical procedure was required to remove them.


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This school, like anyone raising a child would assume, is an environment where a parent should feel secure in knowing their child is being properly looked after. It’s safe to say that when the father received news of what had happened to his child on the schoolyard that he was both upset and shocked by this terrible situation.

In this case, while it was the children who were involved in the malicious act, it is the supervisors, the operators of the daycare, that will be taken to court.


Although it appears no permanent physical damage occurred, the father will be suing the daycare facility for negligence in allowing the bullying to take place.

The Injury HelpLine is here to help you and your family in times when you need it most. We connect you with a local Member Attorney in your region who will be able to help you with your case and get you the settlement you deserve.

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A concerned family member representing an elderly woman called The Injury HelpLine to discuss a case of neglect at a nursing home.

The elderly woman had a routine check up with a nurse. The check up went fine and there were no red flags to report.

When the check up was complete, instead of assisting the elderly woman off the examination table, the nurse left her alone in the room. This posed a risk to the woman’s safety that anyone working with the elderly population should be aware of and not leave the potential for injury to chance.

The elderly woman fell off the table and, when the staff discovered her on the floor, she had broken her hip due to the impact from the fall.

Due to the fragility of the elderly woman and the nature of the injury, there will be new expenses to cover. The family and nursing home staff will need to place priority on supplying extra care for the woman now that she is unable to be independent in her daily life.

The extra assistance she will receive in order to get through her daily routine will be costly.


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The doctors are unsure if she will need to have surgery but our Network Attorney was happy to sign the case due to the outright negligence displayed by the nursing home. The family is grateful for the help and the attorney is expecting a LARGE SETTLEMENT due to the nature of the case.

We receive thousands of calls monthly from injury victims and their families across the United States who have potential cases involving neglect, are in auto accidents, or have suffered from an injury at work that is hindering them from being able to live a productive life.

RW Lynch is the original and largest network of law firms nationwide. Since 1984, we’ve connected injury victims with personal injury attorneys who live in their region. The program allows you to concentrate on your clients cases while we take care of the marketing.

For more info, contact us today.





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In this particular scenario, one client turned into three for our Network Attorney.

Our RW Lynch Network Member Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina is thrilled to assist the new clients he signed. All three cases originated from one call which was forwarded to him through the Injury HelpLine.


The Injury HelpLine caller who initially reached out was driving home after a long day of work when another car slammed into his vehicle. He was severely injured and is extremely lucky to be alive.

The caller suffered a head injury that resulted in a detached retina, an injury that will leave him handicapped in many ways that he will have to adapt to in his daily life, which left him blind in 1 eye.


The driver wasn’t the only person in the vehicle at the time of the crash. 2 other passengers were present and suffered injuries as well. These two carpoolers will also need a settlement to help them afford treatment, assist with the cost associated with rehabilitation, and be compensated for their time away from work.


Contact us to grow your practice


Our attorney spoke with the driver and, after hearing he was not alone in the vehicle, contacted the carpoolers who were present at the time of the accident to see if he could help them out.

Our Network Attorney signed all 3 injury victims and is pleased to be able to help each one of them on their road to recovery.

When you sign up as a Network Member Attorney with RW Lynch you receive your own geographical region. What does this mean? Exclusive calls from injury victims that reside by your personal injury firm are sent to you and only you. We operate nationwide and have been a trusted source for injury victims throughout America since 1984.

Contact us today to see if your region is available.

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Work Life Balance for Lawyer Moms

Posted on May 8, 2018

Today’s working attorney mom heads so much more than the morning routine at home. They’re leading board meetings, running firms, and sitting as CEO at some of the biggest companies in the world.

Let’s take a look at some stats and figures on today’s working mothers, which Pew Research coined the catchy term “Breadwinner Moms” for, and delve into how some woman attorneys find the time to put in a full day at the office and still lovingly conquer family life at home.


Just like a thoughtful gift or breakfast in bed, let’s let these stats speak for themselves:

  • Today, a record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family. These numbers show a substantial shift compared to 11% in 1960. (Pew Research)
  • Family income is higher when the mother, not the father, is the primary breadwinner. (Pew Research)
  • 54% of parents in households where both mom and dad work full time say that the mother does more when it comes to managing children’s schedules and activities. (Pew Research)
  • Among all working parents with children under age 18, more than half (56%) say it is difficult for them to balance the responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities of their family. Working mothers and more likely to admit the difficulty. (Pew Research)

As the stats show, work-life balance for the working mom is no easy task!


For attorney moms, splitting work and kid time can be a tightrope walk between the playground and the office. Nonetheless, parenting can bring out the best in us and it shows in our work ethic. This quote from a Working Mother article can sum this notion up nicely:


“Though my work is part-time, I feel valued and respected by my firm, full-time. In turn, I show my gratitude by being the best employee I can be. I am super responsive to emails and calls from co-workers and clients, I am a good firm citizen, and I produce the same (indeed, better) quality work as I did in the B.C. Era. (That’s “Before Children.”)”


Ever wonder about the top law firms known for supporting work-life balance for women attorneys? To quote the article:

“These firms allow women to say ‘I’m still practicing law. The ability to hold on to that identity is huge.”

Get More Clients for Your Firm



We thought this piece honoring the lawyer moms we know would be summed up nicely with a few quotes from notable moms with legal backgrounds and their unique perspective on work-life balance:

“I love our daughters more than anything in the world ― more than life itself. And while that may not be the first thing that some folks want to hear from an Ivy-League-educated lawyer, it is truly who I am. So for me, being mom-in-chief is, and always will be, job number one.” ― Michelle Obama


“You may be able to trip up a 4-year-old claiming the cat used a Sharpie, but are you ready for teenagers with a coordinated cover story? Lawyer moms are. Have a seat in the dining room.”Peyton Price


“Ultimately, my role is a job share situation that gives me the best of both worlds.  It works well around school drop-off/pick-up times and allows me to be there for my children while they are young whilst keeping abreast of changes in law practice so I can pick up the pace when the children are older if I choose.”Emilia Teti, Personal Injury Lawyer


To all the moms, grandmas, mother in laws, and moms-to-be, we wish you all a wonderful Mothers Day! Thank you for all you do!

Looking for a little work-life balance in your life? Learn more about the RW Lynch program. We help Personal Injury Attorneys get exclusive calls from their region. You have enough going on at work and at home, let us worry about marketing.

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How Much Do You Pay in Marketing Costs for a Potential Lead?

In terms of marketing budgets for personal injury firms, attorneys are spending at least $400.00-5,000.00 a month on average for digital platforms, into the thousands for long-standing local print ads, tens of thousands for bus stop ads, and potentially reaching into the hundreds of thousands for billboards in what is typically a saturated market.

The RW Lynch Program Tour is an informal discussion we offer free of charge that you or an associate can have with one of our Business Development Specialists. This is a no pressure approach to help you get all the answers you need to help you learn and discover just how exclusive the leads that come in through The Injury HelpLine really are.

Below are some key points we discuss with attorneys who are considering becoming members of our exclusive Network.


How Confident are You?

When a potential client calls, how do you respond? People in your region call The Injury HelpLine with a crisis on their hands. We forward them to you as they are in need of representation. The matter is urgent and you are the specialist. The question may seem easy but, when the pressure is on, how eager are you to deliver?




Pricing for The RW Lynch Program

It may be a shock to wrap your head around expenses when building your firm. Take a step back and think about the other marketing costs you incur that won’t bring in returns the way a trusted nationwide hotline will.  One large personal injury case will with potential settlements in the six-figure range will easily pay for your membership.

Sign up for a Program Tour



A Tax Write Off

Just as we discussed in a recent post, the entire program is a tax write off for your firm. At the end of the tax year, you can simply write off the program as a business expense. You may have other marketing underway but why stop there.




Exclusivity: Leads Go to Only One Attorney in One Region

When you sign up as a member attorney with RW Lynch, the region we assign your firm will be the only firm to receive exclusive calls from a potential client who calls The Injury HelpLine in that particular area. When it comes to building your practice, it’s a win-win situation.




A Consistent Volume of Quality Claimants

Calls are screened before we forward them to you. This means that you receive calls that are legitimate, timely, and have the potential to be a huge case for you and your firm.





Your Own Personal Account Executive

When you have questions we’re here to answer them. An element of our pledge to quality and providing satisfaction to members of our program is that you are always able to reach out for support regarding any concerns, questions, or feedback you may have. Your communication helps us better understand the needs of our clients and allows us to build a better network for you and Personal Injury Attorneys across the nation.



Sign up for the RW Lynch Program Tour today to start seeing results for your firm.

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(Caution: This following personal injury case study is not for the faint of heart)


A recent Injury HelpLine caller had been suffering from extreme pain in his back and groin area.

The man sought treatment from a physician who, after performing a brief exam, presented the medical diagnosis. In order to bring some relief from his endless discomfort, the man’s testicles would need to be removed immediately.



Understandably frazzled yet trusting the advice, the patient agreed to have the surgery since the doctor made him feel confident that it was truly the only way to take care of the extreme pain he was experiencing.

Only a short time after the advice was given the patient underwent the procedure. The surgery was performed by the doctor himself.


What happened next was unexpected and simply terrible…


After the procedure, the man experienced continued back pain. He sought out advice from a different physician at a separate hospital. The new doctor said the problem was located in his back all along and that the removal of his testicles was not the correct solution.

The new doctor treated the lower back of the unfortunate patient and brought relief from the pain but the permanent damage had been done. The Injury HelpLine caller now wished to file a lawsuit against the original doctor and hospital for the unnecessary removal of his genitalia.

Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



The Network Member Attorney connected with the unfortunate victim of this medical malpractice case and, upon hearing his side of the story, signed the case immediately.


Our Injury HelpLine Network Attorney said this one of a kind medical malpractice case will be settled in the high Six-Figure range.


Exclusivity is the key to explosive case growth for our Network Attorneys. When you become a Member of our Network of Law Firms you can choose 1 or multiple Membership Zones to manage. The Injury HelpLine® delivers every help request within your Zones to YOU and YOU ONLY!  Contact us to see how we can help you grow your firm.


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