Member Attorney Helps Injured Handyman

Posted on April 20, 2018

An experienced handyman, hired to do odd jobs and repairs for a grocery store in rural Mississippi, was asked by the store’s management to investigate some rooftop leaks.


Upon climbing on top of the roof, he discovered that huge areas had rotted away. Unfortunately, the discovery came a moment too late. He took a misstep and proceeded to fall through the rotted ceiling back into the interior of the store.  He passed out due to the impact of the fall and has no recollection of landing on the floor of the store.


He awoke three days later in ICU with multiple broken bones in his body. The injuries he took on were severe and would set him back for many months in terms of his finances.  After seeing The Injury HelpLine® ad, he placed a call to us for help. We routed the call to our Network Member Attorney immediately.


The attorney spoke with the man and, without hesitation, drove 100 miles to sign the case.  This is a premises liability issue and they are suing the store owners. The attorney is currently working on receiving a large settlement on behalf of the client.


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After 33 years, we are proud to have helped millions of families recover from devastating losses. Every day we connect these injured people, who have endured horrific circumstances, fix their lives and put them back together while making law firms like yours thrive at the same time.


RW Lynch has connected members of the community with attorneys living in their region since 1984. Our program is tried and true. We receive a 1,000.00+ calls per week from people looking for legal representation. Join our nationwide network of Personal Injury Attorneys today to own your own geographical region where the leads come to you and only you.


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Watch what our Network Member Attorney has to say about The RW Lynch program.


Attorney Richard J. Shicker, a sole practitioner, is the subject of our newest testimonial video. Mr. Shicker has been with RW Lynch since the early 80’s and is still bringing in cases to this day through The Injury HelpLine.

A couple highlights from his testimonial video:

“We like that idea that it’s an exclusive feature, the area that we buy, we’re the only ones that get calls from that area. It’s very helpful. I know that nobody else is going to compete with me for those particular calls. You have to be very alert and answer those calls as soon as possible. The fact that it is exclusive encourages me to make sure that I return those calls ASAP.”

“70 percent of the population does not have a family attorney. So, staying in touch with them, you become their attorney for when they’re in a car wreck or have a workers compensation claim.”


Are you a Personal Injury Lawyer looking for more client leads in your region? Contact us today to learn more about how our program brings you the business you need while you concentrate on doing what you do best; helping injury victims when they need it most.


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A grief-stricken mother recently called The Injury Helpline regarding the death of her son who passed away in a disastrous auto accident.


A young man was driving by himself down a narrow road in the middle of the night. The region was cloaked in dense fog and visibility was terribly low. Seemingly out of nowhere, a vehicle suddenly pulled out in front of him from a side road causing the young man to swerve violently into oncoming traffic.  The resulting head-on collision instantly killed both drivers while the driver who pulled out of the side road looked on in shock.

Through The Injury HelpLine, our RW Lynch Network Member Attorney spoke with the young man’s mom and instantly signed the case. The attorney will be suing the other driver for negligent driving, resulting in the wrongful death of the caller’s son.  The attorney also noted that the accident happened in a county very favorable to plaintiff cases.


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The attorney is currently fighting for a large settlement for the family.

While no case can ever bring back the loss of a child for a parent, we can only help that the service they receive and the settlement our Member Attorney is currently fighting for will help lend itself to the healing process in some way shape or form. We commend our Network Member Attorney in his efforts to help out a grieving mother in their community.

We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones“. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes. Here’s how to explore available Zones, demographics and other info.

  1. Input a zip code to find the Membership Zone it belongs to.
  2. Decide which available Zone is of interest to you.
  3. Request a price quote.


The Injury HelpLine connects injury victims to attorneys across the country.

Since 1984, we have worked with hundreds of attorneys across the country to help Americans of all shapes and sizes when they need it most. Contact us today for more information and to become a member of our network for personal injury attorneys.


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Another tax season has come and gone. Tax time can be stressful for many small to mid-sized business owners and attorneys are certainly not an exception to the rule.


Here are some deductions to keep in mind while you prepare your taxes and go over your AGI with your accountant.



Head on flights to yearly conferences? Whether your travel is by air, train, or auto, the expense is deductible. Meeting a client who lives the next county over from you? Mileage is a tax deduction too. Travel expenses, including baggage costs, meals, and lodging, even dry cleaning, are all legitimate through the eyes of the IRS and seen as a tax write-off.



Contract Employees:

If you hired contract labor, a Content Marketer, for example, the fees you pay them can be deducted.  This is done by claiming business deductions on a Schedule C form, a form from the IRS that is used to report business income.





A Lead Generation Service:

Many Personal Injury Attorneys we speak with are aware of the expenses that come with marketing and lead generation. That said, many of them don’t realize that the exclusive membership program we offer at RW Lynch is deductible. Leads come in helping your bottom line and you can claim the expense of being a member once it comes time to file your taxes.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



Charitable Deductions:

Charitable donations are deductible and a great way to generate PR for your firm. When you give to a local charity it embeds you in the pulse of your community. In terms of local marketing, this gives your brand an identity relating to the charity you are supporting and puts the name of your firm in the minds of people who live by you.



Our lead generation service will ensure you see ROI. Along with the RW Lynch membership being a tax write-off, we provide further value by being a liaison between injury victims and you. To find out more about our program, contact us today.


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“I joined RW Lynch to increase the number of personal injury cases I receive.”

“I’m able to get a good number of cases by which I can generate money to run my office, to run my advertising. It saves me time.”


What does it mean to join an exclusive network?

When you become a member of RW Lynch you are signed up to take over one zone or more in your region where calls that are generated through The Injury HelpLine come to you and only you. If a call from an injury victim comes in from your region, no one else gets that call. This element of our program holds tremendous value for our Network Member Attorneys and we stand by it as a core strength of our business model.


How do I join?

By contacting one of our Account Executives and discussing your region to see if it’s currently available. We then evaluate your needs and discuss what type of plan that is right for you. Our team is more than happy to show you how the program works and can even set up a time to give you a presentation to go into detail.

Contact us to learn more about our membership network.


How long has RW Lynch been in business for?

The Injury HelpLine has been live and active for people across this country (and Mexico and Canada) since 1984. This proven business model has helped thousands of attorneys grow their practice and has been able to provide millions of injury victims with an attorney in their area who are able to take on their case.


We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones”. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes.

Contact us today to find out more about our program and to see if your zone is available.


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San Antonio, Texas – An elderly lady and her spouse went on their weekly shopping trip to a megastore. The elderly lady and her husband were strolling the aisles getting their necessities when they noticed another older woman struggling to load a case of water into her shopping cart.



Being a good Samaritan, the elderly lady went to assist her solo neighbor-in-need when she suddenly slipped on a pool of water resting in front of a water fountain. The fall completely caught her by surprise. She tore her rotator cuff, injured her arm, and experienced sudden and severe pain.




Luckily she was in the good company of her loving husband who jumped to her aid right away. The woman, who initially wanted the case of water, went to get an employee while the elderly lady’s husband called 911. Apparently, water had been dripping from the fountain for a sustained amount of time and there was no sign or warning around the area that indicated any type of potential hazard.



After taking care of his injured wife, the frustrated husband immediately sprang into action taking many pictures of the scene where the incident took place. Not only was there no signage to warn of the possible hazard by the water fountain, they also noticed that there was no anti-slip mat placed by the leak. This was clearly a scenario where the negligence of the management and staff at the store was an issue. The injuries were going to cost the elderly couple much more than they would be able to afford.



Performing proper due diligence, the couple made visits to several other mega store locations to take photos of similar water fountains with the proper mat in place.


Market Pricing and Availability


Our attorney, who connected with the couple through The Injury Helpline®, thought it was a fantastic case with ample evidence and proof and signed her up immediately.


Are you a personal injury attorney looking for client leads? Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes. Here’s how to explore available Zones, demographics and other info.

  1. Input a zip code to find the Membership Zone it belongs to.
  2. Decide which available Zone is of interest to you.
  3. Request a price quote.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



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“I’d encourage those people that have questions to consider seriously about engaging RW Lynch because I think it’s a good program.”



“RW Lynch has been a professional group and I’ve been grateful for the referrals that they’ve made to me personally. I’ve never lost money for any particular year that I’ve used RW Lynch. In fact, about the lowest I’ve ever had, I’ve made about four times that amount of money that I’ve spent. So, the chances are, I’m going to make money by using RW Lynch.”


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Exclusive Calls, Better Quality = Higher Return on your Investment!


Exclusive leads (avg rates per lead)

10 x $300 = $3000 x 20% (avg conversion) => 2 new cases

no competition, more time spent on the larger cases



Grow your client base! All it takes is joining the network, receiving the calls, discussing a potential clients situation, and getting the new case. We’ll help bring in the leads so you can spend more time helping the people who contact your firm.

When you work with RW Lynch you are being supported by a team of marketers and experts who know how to generate leads. We work together to help you build out your Personal Injury Law practice. The program has been running since 1984 and, through The Injury HelpLine, we have connected thousands of attorneys with injury victims across the country.

Lawyers who work with RW Lynch return to our program time and time again because it’s effective and the results are tried and true.

If ROI is a top concern, as it is for all businesses, then the investment you make in becoming an exclusive member of our attorney network is a wise approach. We work hand in hand with you and your team to make sure calls are coming in. Exclusivity is a core value of our program. The area you manage is yours and only yours when you join our program.

If you would like to learn more about the RW Lynch Lead Generation Program and the industry-leading ROI that we provide for clients, register for a 15-minute Program Tour or contact us.

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Many of us are working hard for the weekend or, worse, are working even harder over the weekend. Whether you’re taking time for yourself and your family or working on your caseload, here are a few work-life balance stats we’ve compiled to keep in mind.


Lawyers Need Their Documents

Talk about overload. Attorney’s are buried in their research!

  • A survey performed in 2015 sites that attorneys, on average, were surrounded by 70+ documents a day. That’s in the range of 26K documents per year.



Technology Playing a Role

Once the evening rolls around, try putting your phone down.

  • In a recent study, 40% of American workers say it’s okay to answer a work email, albeit urgent, at the dinner table.



We Enjoy Spending Down Time at Home

Whether it’s watching T.V or spending time with the kids, Americans value their time at home. 

  • 80% of employees’ say their greatest source of stress is not spending as much time at home


Parents Have Busy Schedules

Many parents feel their bosses see their co-workers who aren’t parents as being more productive.

  • 30 to 45% of working dads agreed or strongly agreed that at their workplaces it is assumed that the most productive employees are those who put their work before family life.


Non-Parents are Tired Too

Even without a family, work-life balance is still a priority for employees. 

  • A 2017 survey of 2,200 employees who weren’t parents found the importance of work-life balance came in at 72%, salary at 70% and flexible schedule at 65%.



You Deserve “You Time”

Your mood is easily affected by the number of hours you work.  

  • Those working more than 55 hours per week are at a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. If that wasn’t bad enough, their risk for depression and anxiety was 1.66 and 1.74 times higher compared to those working 35-40 hours.



Free up Time. Bring in Leads. Contact us.


America The Beautiful (and overworked)

Our work-life balance is ranked among the worst in the world. 

  • 38 nations were ranked in a recent work-life balance index. The U.S.A. landed in 30th. Among a host of other countries, The United States ranked below Spain, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden and was only above eight countries in this particular study.


USA and Europe Work Days are Different

France seems to have things figured out. 

  • A 2015 study concluded that the French worked an average of 1,482 hours per year, compared to American workers who were on the job about 1,790 hrs per year.



Maybe it’s Time for a Vacation

  • In a study conducted by Expedia, Europeans are the world’s least-deprived vacationers: Workers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have the option of taking 30 days off compared to Americans who receive between 10 days to 3 weeks off per year.



You have a choice when it comes to factors in life take up a large amount of valuable time such as marketing your business. We can help you bear the load. To learn how RW Lynch can help you free up some of your time, contact us today.


Free up Time. Bring in Leads. Contact us.

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One of our RW Lynch Network Attorneys signed 5 Injury Helpline® cases in one week. Below is a story from one of these cases.

In this particular case, our Network Attorney was contacted by a woman recently diagnosed with cancer.


The client called Injury Helpline® and explained to our Network Attorney that she had been complaining of back and neck pain to her doctor for a few months. Even when the pain grew progressively worse, for some reason the doctor never decided to run any tests.  Eventually, not only did the pain become unbearable, she actually became paralyzed in all of her limbs. Upon paralysis, the woman was immediately taken to the E.R. where medical staff performed an M.R.I. and identified 2 large tumors in the cervical region of her spinal column.



The surgery that she now has to undergo in order to remove the tumors from her spine is an extremely high-risk procedure with a high possibility of death.  If she survives, she will be permanently paralyzed and have to undergo very aggressive chemotherapy in order to stop further spreading of cancer throughout her body.

Contact us to grow your practice


Had her original doctor performed an MRI months earlier the tumors would have been small enough that she would have little to no paralysis and the surgery risk would be much lower than what she now has to endure.  Because of this failure to diagnose, and the potentially fatal circumstance, our Network Attorney is happy to take this case and help the family.


Every call could be your next big case, and we take this very seriously. That’s why we answer each call within 2 minutes and deliver it to you right away – by phone, email or text. You can customize your delivery options to maximize the opportunities for live call transfer and to assign the right person to handle each new case opportunity.




Market Pricing and Availability


To learn more about our exclusive network of member attorneys and how you can join and start receiving leads for your personal injury law practice, visit our site today.


It’s no mystery, the average attorney works more hours than most professionals in other careers.

“At many large firms, lawyers often bill 40 or 50 hours a week even if they are actually working 60 to 70.”  – The Atlantic

Here are a few tips to stay motivated, productive, and level-headed:


Pace Yourself

You’ve heard the cliché phrase “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”, right? When you feel stuck, simply take a step back and give yourself a moment to mull things over. When you hit a roadblock, chances are that you won’t be able to get past it unless you give yourself a moment to process the issue at hand. Once this technique is mastered it will ultimately improve productivity.


Scope out your Timeline

Scheduling can be the key to unlocking a stress-free workday. If you create a timeline you’ll know your limits and create tangible goals. Therefore, when a new client needs your help, you’ll be realistic with your timeframe in terms of what they can expect.



Contact us to grow your practice


Take a Walk

In terms of taking the pressure off and gaining a fresh perspective, there’s almost nothing better than to remove yourself from a situation and getting some fresh air. Taking a walk down the block or simply around the perimeter of your office building is not only a good idea, it can be one of the best decisions you’ll make.



Allow Mental Health Days

Yes, we all know it’s hard to take a day off but this could be the very solution to breaking the code in terms of your next work-related dilemma.

“Just like electronic devices need recharging, it’s important to take time to charge your own batteries. A little alone time or an opportunity to practice some self-care can help you perform better.” – Psychology Today


Use a Lead Generation Service

One of the hardest things to do in business? You guessed it, generate more business. Why worry yourself about bringing in your own clients when you can find a service that brings in leads for you? RW Lynch has been supplying thousands of attorneys with new leads since 1984. You may be reading this on our blog but trust us, it’s worked for many Personal Injury Lawyers and it can work for you too. Plus, you get assigned to your own geographical region so the calls will go to you and only you.

Market Pricing and Availability


When you’re driven to succeed in your career you’ll have the motivation needed to ensure you stay on top of tasks that require your attention. That said, burnout is real and will not only stop the progress you’ve made at your job, it can be detrimental to your overall health and well-being.

Are you a Personal Injury Attorney? How many hours do you work per week? Contact us today to find proper work-life balance.

Contact RW Lynch to see how we can help you bring in leads so you can have more time for yourself and your loved ones. You’re busy enough, we’ll make sure you get those phone calls.

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