With over 30 years of proven success, the RW Lynch Total Marketing Solution Works!

In the early days, legal marketing was easy. Run an ad in the local Yellow Pages and maybe a slot or two on television, and the leads came pouring in. Today, things are much different. There are a multitude of mediums to advertise on plus potential clients are looking for a quick way to find an attorney and expecting an incredibly fast response to their needs. It’s no longer as easy as making a phone call and writing a check to properly advertise your firm and stay ahead of your competition.

With increased competition, P.I. attorneys are more aggressive than ever with their marketing efforts. Your competitors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to stay ahead. How can you compete with that? Simple … group marketing.

Powerful Nationwide Advertising

Our total marketing solution is powerful enough to market nationwide and focused enough to impact your local area!

With hundreds of award winning television commercials, in addition to a suite of 10 injury specific websites, the Injury HelpLine® has assisted millions of injured victims contact a local P.I. attorney. Injury victims can call from the comfort of their home, send an online request from their desk, or use their smart device from anywhere in the world to call or send an online request.

The Injury HelpLine Network
Absolute Lead Exclusivity

Never Share a Lead

Complete Exclusivity! Unlike the directory model, RW Lynch offers an exclusive program. When you become a subscriber to our Injury HelpLine® network, you will own every lead that comes in from your geographic area. There is absolutely no sharing or fracturing.

24 / 7 Worry Free Call Delivery

In order to sign cases you need to have a lightning fast response time to any and every potential lead. That is why RW Lynch has a 24/7 call processing center that will process every call and inquiry in received in your geographic area. They will collect the lead's relevant information and forward that lead to you via live transfer, email, text or all of the above. You can receive leads anytime, anywhere!

Conceirge Call Processing
Lead Management and Remarketing

Manage Your Leads Effortlessly

With our proprietary lead management system, you can securely track and analyze every lead you receive from the program from any computer or mobile device in the world! Plus you can add you own leads to the database allowing you to manage past, present and future clients all from one convenient location. Our lead management suite provides you with the tools to integrate ongoing email and direct mail marketing for your firm ensuring that you are capitalizing on second and third generation opportunities.

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Today your firm will need to advertise on multiple media platforms to ensure your message is being seen. The Injury HelpLine® is your key to success.

With a subscription to the Injury HelpLine® you will have the ultimate lead generation experience. With our award winning series of television commercials and our injury specific, customized suite of websites, injured victims can quickly and easily find an attorney in their local area.

The Injury HelpLine Network

Television Advertising

Hundreds of our award winning Injury HelpLine® television commercials are seen by potential clients every month. Both general and injury specific (i.e., car accident related) commercials provide those in need a quick way to reach an attorney in their area.

With over 77,000 PI attorneys in the United States, the competition is fierce and television is the number 1 way to get exposure. Nearly $700 million is spent annually with some firms spending hundreds of thousands each year.

With the power of group marketing, it is possible for even the smallest firm to capitalize on their marketing potential with television commercials … without breaking the bank! Because of the group 'pool', RW Lynch can purchase nationwide slots at a rate a single attorney could never touch making a subscription to the Injury HelpLine® the best investment you could make in your firm’s growth.

Our TV campaigns have been running nationwide since 1984. Commercials are broadcast in your subscription area at key times on a slew of channels including some of these popular networks:

The Injury HelpLine has historically been advertised on these Television networks and more

Suite of Injury Specific Websites

In addition to television ads, the Injury HelpLine® suite of 10 injury specific and customized websites offer accident related information and quick attorney access to the victims. There are thousands of visits collectively to the Injury HelpLine® sites every month, making us one of the most visited personal injury brands in the country.

There are over 68,000 keyword campaigns are run daily. These key words cover just about any search an injured victim may do when searching for a personal injury attorney. Running a campaign like this is completely cost prohibitive for most attorneys. However, because of our ground breaking group marketing program, even the smallest firm can keep up with the competition at a fraction of the price.

Every site is customized with local information and is built for a user friendly experience. Contact information is easy to access and content is easy to understand. Plus every site is built for viewing ease no matter what device the victim is searching from: their home or work computer, a tablet or even their mobile phone. The Injury HelpLine® suite of websites provides an effortless experience for the visitor increasing the chances they will request the assistance from one of our reputable subscribing P.I. attorneys.

RW Lynch was the pioneer in group marketing making the Injury HelpLine® subscription one of the most powerful legal marketing packages available. With our years of experience and our expert staff, we will continue to provide you with the most innovative and cutting edge program maximizing your firm’s growth.

The Injury HelpLine suite of sites is the biggest P.I. advertising network of sites in the world


The cost of advertising your firm can be a huge financial burden on the average P.I. attorney. So how can a small firm financially afford to stand out in front of the big firms with huge marketing budgets?

Simple … partner up with RW Lynch and invest in a powerful, award winning group marketing program, the Injury HelpLine®!

What is group marketing?

It’s a combined effort of lawyers around the country making it possible for even the smallest attorneys to be seen in their markets and to compete directly with the “big guys.”

Group Marketing

In 1984, RW Lynch pioneered the group marketing concept making it possible for smaller P.I. firms to be competitive with the larger advertisers in their market. Group marketing gives your firm the power to do more with less, turning a small advertising budget into something incredible by joining forces with law firms around the country to fuel the Injury HelpLine®.

Group advertising is powerful enough to market nationwide with coast to coast TV, Internet and Mobile ads, but focused enough to impact your local area with:

  • Localized Website Landing Pages
  • Customized Keywords
  • Focused Television Station Advertising


Your firm needs the attention of all local leads without sharing or fracturing those leads with other attorneys in the same market area.

Unlike the Directory Model, when you subscribe to RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® program, your purchased area(s) will be yours and yours alone. Only one firm is allowed to join our program in each geographical area, no exceptions. No other attorneys will receive any of the calls. You receive 100% of them and can keep the ones you want and even refer the ones you don’t. They are yours to do with as you wish.

We know the importance of advertising! As competition increases amongst the growing number of PI attorneys year after year, RW Lynch understands the importance of protecting attorneys from receiving shared leads. Moreover, RW Lynch is the only program where every subscriber benefits from the increased advertising nationally and locally as new subscribers join!

Complete Exclusivity


Our 30 years of experience in the industry has taught us that the key to growing a firm is responsiveness. Potential clients will use the attorney that can assist them the fastest. Today’s firm will need a system in place to respond to leads quickly and effectively. That is why RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® program provides premium 24/7 call processing for all subscribers! Your ability to respond quickly is the key to converting those leads into cases.

Receive Your Leads By Text, Email and/or Telephone Call

Immediate Attention Given to Every Potential Lead

Our top notch call center will immediately respond to every incoming lead via phone or email. They will verify and collect all the relevant information to help you database and better respond to the inquiry as well as working to connect you live with the lead whenever possible.

24/7 Lead Delivery the Way You Want It - You Have Complete Control

We will send your leads anytime and anywhere you choose. You can completely customize how you receive leads. You can receive your leads via phone, email, text or any combination of those. You can even customize what days and times you want to receive leads to each of those mediums! With our proven system you will never miss an opportunity to potentially take on a case and grow your practice whether you are in court, at the office or even on vacation.


A successful firm will be organized; tracking and evaluating every lead and adapting future marketing efforts to reflect what’s been successful. As a subscriber to the Injury HelpLine®, you will also have access to a proprietary lead management suite. With this system you:

  • Have Access to an Exclusive Database, the GoldenList
  • Have the Ability to Rate Incoming Leads
  • Have Email and Direct Mail Marketing Opportunities
  • Have a Highly Trained and Dedicated Personal Account Representative

Your Exclusive Database

As a client of RW Lynch and subscriber to the Injury HelpLine®, you will have access to an exclusive database that contains not only all your incoming leads from the Injury HelpLine® but also any of your current leads and clients or past clients that you would like to add to it. You can manage all leads, clients and past clients from one convenient location.

Hosted in the Cloud, your data is completely secure and accessible 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. You can access any information stored in this database including any new leads coming in regardless of if you are in the office, in court, at home or relaxing on a sunny beach.

The GoldenList

Rate Your Leads

Unlike our competitors, we care about what is working for you and what isn’t. Within the database, you have the ability to rate all of your incoming leads. This is critical to your advertising campaign because the data is used to target future media buys towards the sources that are producing the leads you prefer. Over time you will receive more of the leads you like and less of the ones you don’t. However, you can sell the leads you don’t necessarily want to a firm you know of that caters to their case type and still profit from your advertising investment!

Email and Direct Mail Marketing Opportunities

In addition to the world class lead management system that allows quick easy access to your entire contact list from any location, at any time and on any device, you can also regularly connect with your contacts through direct mail marketing and email marketing campaigns, further building your rapport.

Direct Mail Marketing – with our comprehensive database management system you can easily merge lead email addresses with a customized direct mail piece. The easy to use reporting system allows you to narrow down your targeted contacts by case type, or by prospect or current client. The more information you store in your database, the greater your options become.

Email Marketing – similar to direct mail marketing you can target specific people to send electronic messages to. The database system comes equipped with an email marketing program that contains everything you need to create an impactful email blast. The fully functional email marketing system provides a large array of templates that are easy to use and customizable and has a full reporting system that allows you to analyze what worked and what didn’t so you can streamline your email marketing efforts helping to build your case load and grow your firm!

Your Personal Account Representative

At the heart of our program is our commitment to your success!

When you subscribe to the Injury HelpLine® program, you will be assigned a highly trained and dedicated account representative. Your account representative will be there to answer all of your questions and provide you with any training you may need on how to use the tools provided by the program. It is their mission to assist you in leveraging all the tools available to you so you can grow your firm.

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